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Stitching Philosophy

Jana was born and raised in Slovakia, where she learned to embroider, sew and knit during her childhood. After moving to Switzerland, she studied philosophy at the University of Zurich. For Jana, textile craftsmanship and embroidery in particular represent a tangible approach to cultural and women's history. The subtle textile work and the interest in experimenting with thread gives material expression to our ideas.

No less important is the interaction between the participants and with the objects that emerge from these processes. This philosophical dialogue creates a space where thoughts and threads come together and a new, interpersonal fabric grows.

Questions and examples from philosophy, natural history, arts, mindfulness and yoga regularly flow into Jana's work and projects. Her origins and the textile diversity of Eastern Europe are also a constant source of inspiration.This mixture results in a multi-layered offer that is unique in this field and is supported by innovative collaborations with various institutions and studios throughout Switzerland and internationally. 

 2024                              Bildungsreise nach Japan 

                                       Workshops mit Franz Gertsch Museum Burgdorf, Jenisch Museum Vevey, FHNW Basel u.a.

                                       Prüfung zur Iyengar Yoga-Lehrerin (Level I) beim Iyengar Yoga Schweiz

 2023                              Teilnahme am Workshop zum Thema Landschaft der Künstlerin Alice Fox (UK)

                                       Gedankengang: Vom Geist des Übens. Philosophisches Gespräch mit Flurin Bisig (Künstler) und                                                    Maurin Bisig (Fotograf)

                                       Weiterbildungsworkshop zum Thema Landschaft bei Alice Fox Artist (UK)

2022                               Tuch "Handgeschichten" der Ausstellung "Atelier Zanolli" im Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

                                       Workshop Stick Yoga als Teil der der Ausstellung Sudo Reiko / NUNO

2021                               Arbeitsstipendium der Stadt Zürich: Projekt Bewegte Landschaften              

2019/20                          Arbeit an eigenen Projekten

2018                               Begleittext zum Projekt "Konstruktion der Wirklichkeit" des Fotografen Roshan Adhihetty 

                                       (Gewinner des Swiss Photo Award, Kategorie "Free" 2017)

seit 2018                        Eigene Projekte an der Schnittstelle von Philosophie und Kunst als Arbeit an der Masche

                                       Vorträge & Gespräche im Rahmen der Langen Nacht der Philosophie und 100 Ways of Thinking

                                       Redaktionelle Mitarbeit bei Swiss Portal for Philosophy

                                       Sticken mit Descartes (2023)

2017                               Master of Arts in Philosophie, Universität Zürich

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